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How do I earn Cashback ?

Just Login to, and visit any of the 500+ merchants via product or coupon link. Shop as normal and with in 72 hr. We will let you know that your cashback has been added to your fokatdeals account.

Where does the cashback comes from ?

Its pretty simple, We have tied up with 500+ online retailer, When you shop through them via fokatdeal, they give us commission and we will share that with you.

How and when does cashback get paid ?

Usually it will take approx 8-12 weeks for retailer to pay us and therefore, for us to pay you cashback. This is becuase retailer wait for 30 days cancellation policy period check. As soon as we get paid we will pass on that cashback to you. When you have 250 Rs. Confirmed Cashback , you can request for bank transfer. Or else you can do recharge also.

Why to choose us ?

Its your call, as we provide extra cashback on top of your regular online shopping. And This cashback will be on top of your coupon code or any other promotional offer. So don;t wait and start save more.

I shopped through, but Why I didn't get cashback.

Once you purchase any thing from retailers via, You will get tracked, but In case if you don't follow any terms and condition, and you don't get tracked or might your cashback get cancle from merchant, in that case we are not responsible. But still If you belive that your cashback was wrongly missed. Please raise the concern at and provide merchant name, date of transaction and transaction amount, We will verify it for you.